Prevent identity theft and compromised client data with permanent hard drive destruction

Erasing your hard-drive does not mean the data has vanished. There is only one way to permanently delete data and that is to destroy the hard-drive properly. Often times organizations will leave themselves vulnerable by handing over computers to recyclers thinking that their sensitive data will be out of harms-way, this is a mistake. United Document has the advanced technology needed to destroy digital media, traditional hard disk drives, and solid state hard drives securely. Our technology includes a high-speed volume shredder that reduces hard drives down to small particles. Every hard drive serial number is scanned and recorded before destruction. When complete you will receive a video of the destruction for confirmation, ensuring peace-of-mind that your sensitive data has been extinguished.

Proper disposal of Computers

Holding onto computers and hardware that no longer have their place in your office is common. These computers and components will not likely be used in the future. Properly recycling these computers prevents the highly toxic effects they have on our environment while sitting in a land-fill.

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