We offer scheduled shredding or even a one-time only shredding instances. Onsite or offsite services are tailored for your businesses needs. Obtain peace of mind, know that your organizations documents and customer records are securely destroyed under strict rules and regulations. Schedule Your Company Shred Event

Managing records that contain financial and legal value can be a daunting task. Allowing us to manage and store these documents can alleviate tremendous strain on space constraints and security risks. We make sure that you have access to your documents when you want it. Learn More

Erasing your hard-drive does not mean the data has vanished. There is only one way to permanently delete data and that is to destroy the hard-drive properly. Often times organizations will leave themselves vulnerable by handing over computers to recyclers thinking that their sensitive data will be out of harms-way, this is a mistake. Learn More

Converting your documents into digital files can streamline document management for easy access to archived records. Our high tech scanners transfer traditional paper documents into image files that can be stored in the cloud for 24/7 availability. Learn More

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